Common Core Curriculum

To better achieve the goal of our “Liberal + Professional” education model of HSUHK, Common Core Curriculum (CCC) aims to provide our undergraduate students a comprehensive educational experience throughout their 4-year U life. The curriculum consists of 4 elements: 1) General Education, 2) Chinese and English Languages, 3) Quantitative Methods and 4) IT Skills. It in one way targets at consolidating students’ intellectual and practical skills, in the other way cultivates students’ abilities in logical thinking, aesthetic appreciation and critical thinking, and enriches their knowledge beyond their major field of studies.

The aims and objectives of CCC are:

  • To provide rigorous general education for students in preparation for their major studies;
  • To promote integrative learning through competing critical viewpoints and a variety of pedagogical models;
  • To foster speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking, communication skills, and IT and numerical skills necessary for students’ academic studies and future successes in an ever-changing world;
  • To cultivate students to be literate and responsible participants in the workplace, society and the world; and
  • To develop students’ understanding of the ethical values and dimensions of their actions.

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