Induction Programme for New Academic Staff 2018

The Staff Development Committee (SDC), Human Resources Office (HRO) and Centre for Teaching and Learning jointly organized an Induction Programme with three half-day sessions for new academic staff on 16, 20 and 29 August 2018.

In Session 1, President Simon Ho gave a welcome remarks to the participants and shared with them the latest development of HSMC.  Then, Provost Gilbert Fong, Professor Y.V. Hui, Vice-President (Academic and Research), and Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development) hosted the Forum on Teaching, Research and Student Learning at HSMC, during which they introduced teaching and learning at HSMC, funding and support for teaching and research, contributions to the College and student services.  Participants raised questions and took part in the discussion with senior managemetn members.

Experienced teaching staff and external experts were invited to conduct one forum and three workshops about learning programme accreditation and quality assureance, teaching and learning as well as e-learning at HSMC in Session 2 and Session 3 of the Induction Programme.

Positive feedback was received from academic staff who found the Induction Programme informative, enabling them a better understanding of HSMC’s teaching and learning.

President Simon Ho gave the Welcome Remarks and shared the latest development of HSMC.

The “Forum on Teaching, Research and Student Learning at HSMC” was conducted by Professor Gilbert Fong, Provost (middle), Professor Y.V. Hui, Vice-President (Academic and Research) (left) and Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development) (right).

The “Forum on Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment” was conducted by Dr Gavin Bui, Associate Professor of Department of English (left), Dr Muk-Yan Wong, Associate Director (Common Core Curriculum) of Centre for Teaching and Learning (middle) and Dr Holly Chung, Senior Lecturer of Department of English (right).

The workshop on “Outcome-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) and Criterion-Referenced Assessment – What, Why and How?” was delivered by Professor Lilian Kwan, Associate Vice President of United International College, Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University.

Professor Y.V. Hui, Vice-President (Academic & Research), presented souvenir to Professor Lilian Kwan.

The workshop on “Learning Programme Accreditation and Quality Assurance” was delivered by Mr Ted Chuck, Senior Programme Manager of Registry.

The workshop on “Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies” was delivered by Dr Daniel Mo, Associate Director (E-Learning Section) of Centre for Teaching and Learning.

A visit to Virtual Reality Laboratory was arranged for participants after the workshop “Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies”.