HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar

To recognize the teaching excellence and innovative pedagogy of academic staff at HSMC, the College launched the first HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards in 2014/15 academic year. Seven distinguished academic staff were selected to receive this award. The official presentation of awards has been held in the Graduation Ceremony on 3 December 2015 to acknowledge the achievement of distinguished teachers.

Name of Award RecipientsDepartment
Dr Holly CHUNGDepartment of English
Ms Joey LEEDepartment of Accountancy
Dr Jacky LEUNGDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics
Mr Brian SOSchool of Communication
Dr Felix TANGDepartment of Marketing
Dr Muk Yan WONGDepartment of Social Science
Dr Ricky WONGDepartment of Supply Chain and Information Management

With the aim of enhancing the professional development of teachers, effectiveness in teaching, and the quality of student learning at HSMC. The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Academic Staff Development Committee (ASDC) have jointly arranged three teaching experience sharing sessions, which are given by HSCMC Teaching Excellence Awards recipients to share their valuable teaching experience and promote good teaching practices.

The first sharing seminar in the series was held on 08 December 2015 at College Chamber with a Reception Tea Party prior to the seminar. Staff took the chance to meet and greet the awardees and have pleasant conversations with each other in the party. In the sharing session, Professor Simon Ho, President, gave an Honoring Speech to congratulate and honor the award recipients on their dedication and outstanding achievements in College’s teaching, and followed by the Welcome Address by Professor YV Hui, Vice-President (Academic & Research).

After the speeches, Ms Joey Lee, Lecturer of Department of Accountancy and Dr Felix Tang, Associate Professor of Department of Marketing, the two Teaching Excellence Awards recipients, delivered their seminars on the topic of “Engaging the students”. The talks were vivid and concrete, Ms Lee and Dr Tang shared their teaching tactics and experience with the audiences and provided numbers of their lively, practical and inspiring examples on teaching improvement and engagement with students.

The sharing session was well attended, with over 50 HSMC staff members from different Schools. It was followed by a Q&A Session, participants were keen to raise questions and engage in discussion with the speakers.

Participants met and chatted with awardees and others in the Reception Tea Party which was held prior to the seminar.
Group photo of HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards recipients (2014/15) with Professor Simon Ho, President (1st from right), Professor YV Hui, Vice-President (Academic & Research) (2nd from left) and Dr Ben Cheng (1st from left).
President, Professor Simon Ho, gave the Honoring Speech (Left Photo) and Vice-President (Academic & Research), Professor YV Hui, presented the Welcome Address (Right Photo) to the HSMC Teaching Excellence Award recipients and participants before the start of sharing.
Ms Joey Lee, Lecturer of Department of Accountancy (Left Photo) and Dr Felix Tang, Associate Professor of Department of Marketing (Right Photo) shared their valuable teaching experience and practices with participants.
Ms Lee and Dr Tang interacted with participants, answered questions and gave constructive suggestions to participants.