About the Competition "The HSUHK Innovation Project Competition" aims to promote a culture of innovation & creativity and enrich student learning experience at HSUHK. The submission should demonstrate the creative concepts, innovative design/modeling, as well as the applicability and impact.

The competition is organized in three areas: Business, Social and Humanities Innovations.

Business innovation refers to implementing new ideas, deriving more effective processes, creating better products and services that can enhance the competitive advantage to grow and success of a business. Innovation involves the process of translating ideas into goods or services that create values and satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers. Innovation can occur in a wide spectrum of business disciplines including accounting, banking and finance, management, marketing, information system, and logistics and supply chain management as well as interdisciplinary field in business.

Social Innovation refers to the creation, development, adoption, and integration of new concepts and practices that address the changing social challenges. The social value created contributes the growth of communities and enhances their capacity to act. Innovation may be new ideas enhancing the understanding of human and society, such as political system, social relationships, social psychology,etc.

Humanities innovation is a new idea that contains the potential of its own realization in the form of cultural practices, intellectual movements, and forms of creative cooperation. The scope covers language, literature, art, philosophy, religion and some cross-categories such as photography, film or computer games. Innovation can be ideas reflect and enhance understanding of classics or constructing theory to understand important human value.

Innovation Examples
1. All current HSUHK undergraduate students are eligible to participate.
2. Participants must form a project team with at most three students.

Entry Requirements

Each project team can submit at most one entry. The entry must be the students’ own work demonstrating their creativity and innovation.


The entry can be in the form of a conceptual model or a prototype.

Each project team is required to complete an application form with a detailed project description in English or Chinese (only for project related to Chinese Culture/Literature). Multi-media illustrations could be attached to the application.

Completed form and attachments must be submitted electronically to the Centre for Teaching and Learning williamyieu@hsu.edu.hk by 28 February 2020.

Shortlisted project teams may be invited to give a presentation.


A panel of judges will be appointed to assess the entries based on the originality, creativity, innovativeness, applicability and impact.

You may download the judging rubric for the competition here.


At most one entry in each group will be selected for the HSUHK Project Competition Excellence Award. Each Excellence Award team will receive HK$5,000 and an award certificate.
At most five projects will be selected for the HSUHK Project Competition Merit Award. Each Merit Award team will receive HK$2,000 and a certificate.
The Excellence Award and Merit Award teams and team members must attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony to receive the awards.
The awarded teams will also be recommended to participate in the pre-incubation programme organized by Wu Jieh Yee Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Important Dates
i. Briefing Session:
Date:    21 January 2020
Time:    14:00 - 15:00
Venue:   D405, 4/F, Lee Quo Wei Academic Building
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/6HZNMAFdYDWtDpAN8
Briefing PowerPoint : PowerPoint File

ii. Submission Deadline: Friday, 28 February 2020
Awards Winning Projects of HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2019
(Social Merit Award)

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Recycling Club

Awards Winning Projects of HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2017
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A Platform of Film Industry's Innovation

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Modification of Memsource and To Create the “All-in-one Tool” – Transbot for Translation

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RFID Parking System in Hong Kong

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HSMC Green-Print Project

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Integrative technologies: enabling universal accessible transportation services

Awards Winning Projects of HSMC Innovation Project Competition 2016
2016_Smart Technologies for Maintaining Your Product Lifetime Value
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Smart Technologies for Maintaining Your Product Lifetime Value

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Leveraging the Big Data Analytics For SMEs