About the Competition

The “HSUHK Innovation Project Competition” (“the Competition”), organised by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), aims to promote to HSUHK students a culture of innovation and creativity and to raise their awareness of the critical social issues locally or globally. Through training of various modes and selected themes, and a showcase of project proposals through on-stage pitching, the Competition also strives to enrich the student learning experience at HSUHK. This year, we are grateful to have the Institute of Youth Sustainability and Leadership (IYSL), and the Wu Jieh Yee Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WUCIE) as our strategic partners and AWS Educate & AWS Academy sponsoring the competition.


About Social Innovation

Social innovation suggests a new solution to a social need or problem in a more effective, efficient, sustainable or fairer way compared to existing solutions. Such solutions generate value primarily for society, instead of single individuals or organisations.


Themes of the Competition 2022

Three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specified by the United Nations are selected as the themes of the HSUHK Social Innovation Competition 2022:

4. Quality Education

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

10. Reduced Inequalities

Students are invited to address the social issue(s) relevant to at least one of the above SDGs with their innovative solutions.

HSUHK Innovation Project Competition2022


Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

What are included in the Goal 4?

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

What are included in the Goal 9?

Reduce inequality within and among countries patterns

What are included in the Goal 10?

Talk Series and Workshops Free-of-charge, Register Now!

A series of talks and training workshops on the ideas and knowledge of the 3 selected SDGs, the concept of innovation, real life use case sharing, website development and presentation skills will be organised for students to prepare them for the Pitching Competition. The talks and the workshops provide necessary knowledge and skills for the participants, but are not prerequisites to submission for the Competition.

Talk Series in SDGs

Two sides of the same Coin: Equality in Education (SDG4) and Gender (SDG10)

Mr James, Chong Kwok Tung (Founder & CEO of Rolling Books)
Ms Bidhya Shrestha (Founder & Chairperson of Aama Ko Koseli)

18 Nov 2021 (Thur) | 14:00 – 15:30 | The Inspiring | English

To gear you up for the “HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2022”, and for you to learn more about our  featured Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),   Mr James Chong, Founder & CEO of the bookshop Rolling Books, and Ms Bidhya Shrestha, Founder & Chairperson of Aama Ko Koseli (Mother’s Token of Love) are here to enlighten us on SGD4 Quality Education, and 10 Reduced Inequalities respectively.

* 1.5 ECA hour / 1 iGPS unit

Smart Business – Creativity, Disruptive Innovation, and Intelligence (SDG9)

Dr Rocky Lam (Founder Vantis Consulting Group) 

25 Nov 2021 (Thur) | 14:30 – 15:30 | A315 | English

Are you interested in building a smart business with creativity, disruptive innovation, and intelligence? The speaker will be sharing his insights with you on delivering IT solutions in areas such as Enterprise Resources Planning, Human Resources Planning and Talent Management, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data Analysis, etc.

* 1 ECA hour / 1 iGPS unit

The Personal Journey of Entrepreneurship & AWS Educate & Academy (SDG9)

Mr Perkins Ho (Sr Business Development Manager, Hong Kong/ Taiwan Strategic Programs, Amazon Web Services)

2 Dec 2021 (Thur) | 14:30 – 15:30 | The Inspiring | English

Your photos taken by your phone are now all in the Cloud. Your assignments and lecture handouts may also all be in the Cloud. So… what exactly is Cloud?

Why don’t we learn from none but one of the best Cloud platforms in the world? Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computer platforms, is here to tell you how you can skill up for your potential Cloud careers, paving the way for your very own entrepreneurship, up in the Cloud, and in real life, of course.

* 1 ECA hour / 1 iGPS unit

Skill-based Workshops

“Let’s create! How to Present Ideas with Powtoon and PowerPoint”

By Instructors from e-learning team, CTL

10 Feb 2022 (Thur) | 14:30 – 16:00 | D303 or Zoom | English

Our CTL e-learning team will be teaching you how to produce your multimedia proposal for the Competition, especially with Powtoon and PowerPoint.

* 1.5 ECA hour / 1 iGPS unit

Let’s Speak! How to Turn a Proposal into a Winning Pitch”

Byy Mr Vivek Mahbubani (famous stand-up comedian)

17 Feb 2022 (Thur) | 14:30 – 16:00 | The Inspiring or Zoom | English

We are also happy to invite Mr Vivek Mahbubani, a renowned stand-up comedian, to show you how you can shine on your three-minute pitching stage.

* 1 ECA hour / 1 iGPS unit




Stage 1:

1 to 29 October 2021

Students forming teams and submit an online application form

Stage 2:
Talk Series in SDGs

18, 25 November & 2 December 2021 (Thursday)

Talks on the 3 SDGs and briefing session

Stage 3:
Proposal Write-Up

December 2021 – February 2022

Writing the innovation project proposal and planning the pitching. Project submission deadline: 17 February 2022 23:59

Stage 4:
Team Consultation

17 to 28 January 2022

Each participating team will be assigned to a consultant

Stage 5:
Skill-Based Workshop Series

10 & 17 February 2022 (Thursday)

Workshops on presentation tool and pitching skill and website development

Stage 6:
Pitching Competition

3 March 2022 2pm@D201 (Updated)

Pitching Competition and Award Presentation Ceremony

*1.5 ECA hours/ 1 iGPS unit will be granted to participants attending each workshop.
**Students who attended any talks or workshops organised under HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2022 will be rewarded with US$100 AWS credits for AWS Educate. Learn more

All current HSUHK full-time undergraduate students are eligible to participate.


Entry Requirements
  • Participants must form a project team of 2 to 4  students and submit the application form on or before 29 October 2021 (Participating project teams DO NOT need to submit proposals in the application stage ).
  • At least 50% of their teammates should sign up for all the workshops and activities lined up.The attendance may affect their chance of being shortlisted/ will be shown in the marking sheet.
  • Each project team may submit ONE entry only.
  • Each project team has to devise an original proposal to address the identified social need(s) or issue(s) relevant to at least one of the following SDGs:
    4. Quality Education
    9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    10. Reduced Inequalities
  • The entry must be the students’ own work demonstrating their innovative concept, creative design/modelling, as well as its practicability and impact.


  • The entry shall be a proposal outlining a local or overseas innovation project, which may be in the form of an advocacy event, a social enterprise start-up, a collaboration with NGO(s), an enhancement plan for an existing project of an NGO or a social enterprise, etc.
  • The proposal should illustrate the following content:
    – Need or problem identification
    – Existing solution(s) (if any)
    – Proposed solution(s) (including format, timeline, operation details, budget, expected difficulties and solutions, etc.)
    – Expected impact to the beneficiaries and/or the society
  • Each team has to submit a proposal with the  following requirements:
    – MUST be in Powtoon or PowerPoint format
    – Maximum 30 slides for Powerpoint or 5 minutes for Powtoon
    – Any text, images and videos can be included
    – In English (use Chinese only for projects related to Chinese culture)
    – Submitted electronically via the Proposal Submission Google Form by 17 February 2022 23:59.
  • Participating project teams will be invited to give a 3-minute pitch on their projects at the Pitching Competition on 3 March 2022. The organisers may shortlist the teams for the Pitching Competition if they receive a large number of entries.
Assessment Criteria

The judge panel reserves the right to shortlist the participating project teams for the Pitching Competition.

Each (shortlisted) project team must send at least one member to attend the Pitching Competition to compete for the awards.

A panel of judges will be appointed to assess the entries based on the following criteria:

  • Innovativeness (25%)
  • Relevance and impact (25%)
  • Proposal write-up (30%)
  • Presentation (20%)
  • Champion: HK$20,000 and an award certificate
  • 1st runner-up: HK$10,000 and an award certificate
  • 2nd runner-up: HK$5,000 and an award certificate
  • 4 Special Prizes in selected categories (if deemed applicable): HK$3,000 each and an award certificate
  • The awarded teams will also be recommended to join the Pre-Incubation Programme and HSUHK x SCMP E-Challenge organised by the Wu Jieh Yee Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WUCIE).
Announcement of Results
  • The results will be announced shortly after the Pitching Competition at the Award Presentation Ceremony.
  • The awarded project teams must attend the Award Presentation Ceremony to receive the awards.
  • The organisers reserve the right of rescheduling the date of the Award Presentation Ceremony depending on the situation.
  • The decision of the judge panel is final.
General Terms
  • The organisers reserve the right not to accept any application submitted in response to this Competition and the right to interpret, amend, supplement the terms and conditions in the guidelines.
  • The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team that violates the rules, conditions or spirit of the Competition. In case of any dispute, any decision made by the organisers shall be final and conclusive.
Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

All materials submitted must be original work and must not contain any unauthorised use of copyrighted or proprietary materials of any person or entity. Any form of plagiarism will result in automatic disqualification. Use of thoughts or work of another source must be properly referenced.


Submit for the Competition!

Form a team and complete the Application Form or before 29 October 2021 to join!

Extra Resources from The Library 

The Library has prepared an informative Resource Guide for participants of the  HSUHK Social Innovation Competition 2022  to kickstart the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) research. For more information about the Guide and the use of relevant resources, please feel free to Ask a Librarian.

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