HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards 2019/20 recipients
Dr Amy KONG Department of English
Dr Kenneth KWONG Department of Marketing
Dr LAM Wing-Kin Department of Chinese
Dr Joyce LEE Department of English
Dr Amy WANG Department of Management
Ms Rosalie WOO Department of Economics and Finance
Ms Maggie WONG Department of Social Science
Group photo of Teaching Excellence Awards 2019/20 winners
Group photo of HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (2019/20) recipients with Professor Simon Ho, President (5th from right), Professor Y.V. Hui, Vice-President (Academic and Research) (2nd from left), Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development), Professor Bradley Barnes, Dean of the School of Business (1st from right), and Professor Gilbert Fong, Dean of the School of Translation and Foreign Languages (4th from right)