i) What is outcomes-based education?
Outcomes-based education (OBE) refers to the student-centred approach that demonstrates the achievements of a set of defined goals in the delivery / implementation of both the formal curricula (programmes and modules leading to the award of a qualification e.g. BBA in Management) and extra- / co-curricular programmes and activities.
The Student Ambassadors Programme and the Global Internship Programme are examples of these activities in HSUHK which are not part of the formal curricula.

ii) What are the reasons why outcomes-based education is adopted by most Hong Kong and worldwide tertiary education institutes?
Through the adoption of an OBE system, the stakeholders of education institutes (e.g. YOU as students, teaching staff who are the main facilitators of YOUR learning, YOUR parents / guardian(s) who support YOUR studies financially, and tax payers who also contribute to YOUR tuition fees through Government grants and loans, etc.) are clearly informed of the expected achievements YOU as students can develop after engagement in a wide range of related learning activities in HSUHK.

Examples of these expected achievements are the “desirable graduate attributes – iGPS” of HSUHK as illustrated below.