Forum on Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment

Jointly organized by Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Staff Development Committee (SDC)

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Monday, 20 August 2018
9:30 – 10:30
Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Dr Gavin Bui, Associate Professor, Department of English;
Dr Holly Chung, Senior Lecturer, Department of English; and
Dr Muk-Yan Wong, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Science
D503, 5/F, Lee Quo Wei Academic Building


It may not be your first day to teach but it could be the first at our HSMC family! Our students could be all the same while they could also be one of a kind. Your meticulously-prepared teaching materials and pedagogy could reach their prime upon students’ positive reaction and strong reception. Come join us, new and old (experience-wise, definitely not age-wise), and share your views on how to start strong in the first lesson here and keep on the smooth sailing!

Light refreshment will be served. All academic staff are welcome to join.

For enquiries, please contact Centre for Teaching and Learning by phone at 3963 5073 / 3963 5011 or by email at

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