From Online Teaching to Mixed Mode Teaching: Some Food for Thoughts poster

From Online Teaching to Mixed Mode Teaching: Some Food for Thoughts


Organised by Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

 Date:18 March 2021 (Thursday)
 Time:14:00 – 15:15
 Event Type:Teaching and Learning Enhancement
 Venue:D203 and Zoom Live
 Language:English and Cantonese
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Topics, Speakers and Abstracts:

Dr. FUNG Wai Sum, Cathy, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese


The “Smart” Approach for Engagement Motivation in Online Teaching
Dr. HO To Sum, George, Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain and Information Management

The negative impact of lacking face-to-face communication and timely interaction in online teaching would pose great challenges to both teachers when conducting lab courses and students when handling group projects. In this seminar, smart tech tools (e.g. Apps) would be introduced to demonstrate their positive effect on student engagement’s motivation and enhancement in lab courses and group projects.

Engaging Students through a Participatory Classroom
Dr. CHOY Hiu Ying, Christine, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design

Students engagement is key to effective teaching and learning. From aligning mutual expectation to encourage self-initiated classroom participation, this presentation covers examples of activities-based teaching and learning of curriculum related to culture and creativity.


All academic staff are welcome to join.

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