Pursuing assessment standards: from moderation to calibration

Jointly organized by Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Academic Staff Development Committee (ASDC)

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016
14:00 – 15:30
Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Dr Paula Hodgson, Professional Consultant, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
College Chamber, D801, 8/F, Lee Quo Wei Academic Building


Assessment is perceived as a crucial element in teaching and learning for both educators and learners. Apart from assigning marks and grades for correct answers, educators teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses may often find themselves in the position of critical assessors on open-ended answers, such as in projects and essay writing. Here is a question for every educator, is an ‘A’ grade awarded for a given course comparable to the same grade in another course or courses despite differences in subject matter? Is there a mechanism to assure consistency within a course or across courses for individual educators? In some core courses, more than one educator will be teaching the same course, so how can educators who are teaching the same course maintain similar standards? In addition, how can the same courses be calibrated across the years if they are taught by the same or different people. In this seminar, Dr Paula Hodgson invites open discussion while sharing practical ideas.


Dr Paula Hodgson has been working in higher education since 1997 and has both local and international working experience. Her research covers a wide area, including technology-mediated subjects such as Web2.0 and massive open online courses (MOOCs); assessment, including peer assessment, technology-based assessment, and formative and summative assessment; and pedagogy papers including technology–pedagogy–content–knowledge (TPCK), the flipped classroom and discovery-enriched curriculum.​ Her research profile can be viewed at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Paula_Hodgson2/publications

Light refreshment will be served. All academic staff are welcome to join.

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