Service-Learning at HSUHK

To facilitate HSUHK students’ developing sustainable and inclusive values in business and society at large.  HSUHK strives to develop the pedagogy of service-learning (a combination of community service and academic learning) that allows students to gain a holistic educational experience and to develop into a responsible citizen.

Service-Learning Section

The Service-Learning Section is established under the Centre for Teaching and Learning in the academic year of 2018/19 to promote the pedagogy of service-learning at HSUHK with the following major responsibilities:


1.        Module-based service-learning

An option will be provided for students in specific modules to complete part of the learning and assessments through service provision. Service-learning can enrich the curriculum and teaching methods, and subsequently enhances students’ understanding of the module content. A list of appropriate modules will be selected from different programmes.

2.        An open network of HSUHK, the business community, and service partners

Through service provision, students can apply classroom knowledge to serve the local and international service partners. Meanwhile, students can show a strong commitment to the community and develop a sense of citizenship through the partnership. The building of close relationships between HSUHK, including our staff and students, and the service partners is vital.

3.        Collaboration with students in other higher education institutions

Our Section endeavours to learn from and exchange with other higher educational institutions that have a similar service-learning unit. The information-sharing and further collaborations could further open up service-provision opportunities for HSUHK students and improve the effectiveness of service-learning pedagogy as a whole.

Service-Learning is a creative way of interactive learning, while serving the community, and boosting your inner growth! It combines “learning”, “service” and “reflection”. The Service-Learning Section office coordinates fun and meaningful projects for HSU students and teachers. 


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