Below are the Teaching Development Grant (TDG) projects approved for funding, with the information of hosting department(s), key project personnel, and project periods.

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Department of English

Dr Holly CHUNG (PI)

Sep 2021 to Aug 2023

Establishment of the HSUHK English Debate Team

Department of Management

Dr Susanna CHUI (PI)

Aug 2021 to Apr 2022

Nurturing Cognitive Growth through Experiential Learning

Department of English

Mr Rhett YU (PI), Dr Amy KONG

Sep 2020 to Dec 2022

Voices Unheard: A Collection of Undergraduate Academic Works – An Incentive to Enhance Students’ Academic Writing and Establish Research Mindsets

Department of Supply Chain and Information Management

Dr Jack WU (PI)

Nov 2020 to Apr 2022

Read-out-Loud: An A.I. Driven App to Improve the Language Speaking Proficiency of Students in English and Putonghua

School of Translation and Foreign Languages

Mr Lawrence LEUNG (PI), Mr William CHE

Sep 2019 to Feb 2022

Creation of Teaching Material through Teaching-Oriented Survey of Translation of Government Document Based on Parallel Corpus

Department of English

Dr Heidi WONG (PI), Dr Maggie MA, Dr Amy KONG, Dr Sue YIP, Dr Rebecca ONG, Ms Christine NG

Sep 2019 to Aug 2021

HSU English Peer Mentorship Programme

Department of English

Dr Holly CHUNG (PI)

Sep 2018 to Aug 2021

Speak UP: HSMC English Public-Speaking Project (EPSP)

Department of Social Science

Dr Christopher AU YEUNG, Mr CHAN Chau (PI); Dr Victor CHAN

Sep 2018 to Jan 2021

Manga as a Learning Tool for Japanese Language/ Culture and Business Etiquette