QESS/TDG Project Sharing Series: Turning Your Teaching Ideas into a Project

To let our colleagues know more about how to turn their brilliant teaching ideas into a project and to apply for funding implementing their great ideas, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) proudly presented a new initiative, QESS/TDG Project Sharing Series in AY2020/21.

Dr Jack Wu, Assistant Professor of the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management, kindly kick-started the first in our series on 26 November 2020 (Thursday), sharing his successes in our University’s Teaching Development Grant (TDG) and his QESS project.

Dr Wu insightfully drew our attention to some dos and don’ts, based on his valuable experience in applying for his projects, namely his TDG on “Read-out-Loud: An A.I. driven App to improve the language speaking proficiency of students in English and Putonghua” (2019/20) and his two-year QESS on “Interactive Artificial Intelligence Assisted Chatbot for Self-improving Oral English Proficiency” (2020).

Welcoming both on-site and online audience, the seminar was well-attended by over 30 colleagues. It was motivating and interesting to learn how a project idea could be nurtured by picking up some Chinglish in students’ presentations. Colleagues, inspired by Dr Wu’s sharing, might find your next project partners in the pantry (or even in the washroom!).

Dr Wu shared on “Turning Your Teaching Ideas into a Project”.
Dr Wu showed some clips of his lessons and shared that his project ideas are from the needs of students.