Empowering Teaching@HSUHK Through GAI: ChatGPT in Game-Based Education

A heartfelt thank you to the 40+ participants who made our seminar, co-organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), in collaboration with the Strategic Development Grant (SDG) Project “From Retro to the Metaverse Games,” a resounding success!

The seminar, held on December 7, 2023, brought together a dynamic community of educators and learners. Through insightful presentations and engaging discussions, we delved into the transformative potential of GAI, with a spotlight on ChatGPT, in reshaping the landscape of education.

Our esteemed speakers, Mr Kelvin Wan, Dr Pui Sze Cheung, Dr Christine Choy, Dr Patrick Mok, and Dr Joseph Li, shared their expertise and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on the integration of GAI in teaching practices. Their presentations were not just informative but sparked a vibrant exchange of ideas among participants.

The highlight of the event was witnessing the impact of GAI on student projects. From charting historical narratives to reimagining heritage, and powering ideation in creative education, students showcased the incredible potential of GAI, leaving the audiences inspired and hopeful for the future of education. Thank you once again for being an integral part of this event. Stay tuned for more enriching experiences as we continue our journey towards empowering teaching through the advancements in GAI.

Featured Topics of the Sharing

Dr Pui Sze Cheung (Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Science)

Topic: Creating Historical Narrative Game with GAI

Dr Patrick Mok (Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design) and Dr Christine Choy (Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design)

Topic: AI-Powered Ideation in Creative Education

Dr Joseph Li (Lecturer, Department of Social Science) and Mr Kelvin Wan (Senior Instructional Designer, Centre of Teaching and Learning (E-Learning))

Topic: GAI-Enhanced Cultural Exploration


The seminar begin with an engaging introduction to Game-Based Learning and ChatGPT.

Dr Pui Sze Cheung, along with ASI 2003 students, captivated the audience by unravelling the process of creating a Historical Narrative Game with Generative AI.

Dr Christine Choy (Left), Dr Patrick Mok (Right), and the imaginative CCI3001 students showcased the power of AI in ideation for Creative Education. Witnessing the fusion of technology and creativity was truly inspiring.

Dr Joseph Li (Left) and Mr Kelvin Wan (Right) took us on a journey of how to redesign a GAI-Enhanced Cultural Exploration. Kelvin also shared the latest development of GAI at HSUHK.

Students shared their project that empowered by the GAI and how GAI shaped their learning experience into an engaged and interesting manner.