HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards

Launched in 2014/15 academic year, HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (formerly named as HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards) are established to recognise and reward distinguished teachers of the University who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching, dedication to continuous improvement in pedagogy, and made a distinguished contribution to teaching. The Awards will be presented annually to distinguished teachers.

Eligibility and Nomination

All full-time academic staff members (professorial and teaching staff) who (i) have taught at least three classes within two regular semesters (excluding the summer term) in an academic year; and (ii) whose average satisfaction score and average performance score in the Students’ Feedback on Modules Questionnaire reach 5.0, will be nominated automatically by the University Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (UTLQC). Full-time academic staff members who fail to meet the threshold scores are also eligible for self-nomination.

Documentation Required

Eligible staff must prepare a reflective statement of 2 to 3 pages outlining their teaching philosophy, practices and goals, for submission to the Selection Panel for consideration. The reflective statement may also include details about their accomplishment, such as new teaching methods and innovative classroom techniques they developed. They are also encouraged to submit a simple teaching portfolio to the Selection Panel for consideration. The portfolio may contain (i) module outlines or sample of teaching materials to demonstrate organization and clarity in presentation; and (ii) sample assessments to demonstrate the quality of graded assignments that facilitate students’ continuous improvement.

For details about the Awards, please refer to the guidelines. (click to download)

The results of the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards:
Academic Year 2019/20
Academic Year 2018/19
Academic Year 2017/18

The results of the HSMC Teaching Excellence Awards:
Academic Year 2016/17
Academic Year 2015/16
Academic Year 2014/15

My Teaching Story

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