ESG Seminar: Integrating Sustainability and ESG Concepts into Your Classroom Teaching

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) has become a new face in promoting sustainability nowadays. As a matter of fact, ESG concept is not restricted to the environmental and commercial sectors. It matters everyone, including education providers at all levels.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) hosted a seminar titled “Integrating Sustainability and ESG Concepts into Your Classroom Teaching initiated by Research Centre for ESG on 27 October 2022 for academic colleagues to share views on Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and related matters, as well as its integration into teaching and learning.

The President, Professor Simon Ho, kicked off the seminar with an introduction to the application of a responsible management conceptual framework (comprising ethics, stakeholder values, sustainability and governance) to ESG reporting. Professor Ho further elaborated on the incorporation of those factors into pedagogy, new course opportunities, and new teaching/learning methods.

The discussion continued as Professor Louis Cheng, Director of Research Centre for ESG, elaborated on the ESG definitions illustrated by some daily life examples. Professor Cheng also explored the possible directions for ESG related teaching, providing examples of its integration in Economics, Finance and Accounting teaching. 

The seminar was well attended by nearly 40 participants, with all rewarded with related ESG reading materials and resources for their future teaching preparation and ongoing discussion on ESG

Prof Simon Ho, President, kicked off the seminar with his presentation on conceptual model of responsible management and his insight into ESG initiatives.
Prof Louis Cheng, Director of Research Centre for ESG, shared his expertise on ESG topics and inspiring teaching ideas with academic staff members.
Nearly 40 participants were engaged in the scholarly discussion with Professor Ho and Professor Cheng.