HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (2022/23) Sharing Seminar 1 – “Chinese Language Teaching in Digital Era: Transformation and Challenges”


Awarded Teacher : Dr Cathy Fung (Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese)
Invited Speaker: Dr Lam Wing Kin (Senior Lecturer, Department of Chinese)

Since its inception in the 2014-15 academic year, the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards have been dedicated to recognise distinguished teachers who demonstrated innovative and outstanding teaching performance. To celebrate their achievement and contribution in teaching and learning, the five recipients of the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (2022/23) , namely Dr Victor Chan (Social Science), Dr Fanny Chan (Marketing), Dr Cathy Fung (Chinese), Dr Terence Li (Marketing) and Dr Daniel Mo (Supply Chain and Information Management), have been invited by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to share their practical experiences at a series of seminars scheduled from January to August this year.

The first sharing seminar on 25 January 2024, titled “Chinese Language Teaching in Digital Era: Transformation and Challenges” was co-facilitated by the 2022-23 award recipient Dr Cathy Fung and her invited speaker Dr Lam Wing Kin, both are Senior Lecturers from the Department of Chinese. The seminar was officiated by Professor Yer Van-Hui, Provost and Vice-President (Academic and Research) and Professor Jeanne Fu, Vice-President (Learning and Student Experience).

Professor Hui
officiated the seminar with his welcoming remarks, expressing his gratitude and appreciation towards the awardees for their collaborative effort, excellence, care, and dedication to HSUHK. He also expressed his thanks to the Selection Panel Members for their commitment and dedication during the selection process, which involved reviewing nearly 30 shortlisted applications from both full-time and part-time teachers.

Following Professor Hui’s remarks, Professor Fu delivered her opening remarks, emphasising HSUHK’s dedication to quality education and the all-round development of students. To promote excellence in teaching, CTL regularly organises forums, seminars, and workshops where academic staff members can share innovative pedagogies and exemplary practices. Professor Fu expressed her excitement for the seminar, which aimed to deepen teachers’ understanding of the impact of emerging technologies such as ChatGPT, Big Data, and Generative AI on Chinese language teaching. She also encouraged teachers to explore ways to integrate these new AI technologies into teaching so as to enhance student learning experience.

During the sharing, Dr Cathy Fung and Dr Lam Wing Kin talked about their practical experiences and insights on the impact of rapid technological advancements in the digital era on Chinese teaching. They provided the participants with valuable examples and testimonials, giving a comprehensive understanding of how the field of Chinese teaching was influenced by the ever-changing development of AI technology and e-learning tools.

Launch of the Sixth Issue of My Teaching Story

At the same occasion, Dr Ben Cheng, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning announced the launch of the sixth issue of “My Teaching Story”. This issue gathered the inspirational stories shared by the five Teaching Excellence Awards Recipients (2022/23). Please click HERE to read the online version of the newly launched “My Teaching Story”.

The seminar was well attended by over 20 colleagues, all of whom were inspired to review their work and further their profession in the pursuit of teaching excellence in the digital era.

To learn more about this sharing seminar, please click HERE to view our photo album.

The video is available for viewing HERE.

(From left) Professor Yer Van Hui, Selection Panel Members Dr Clio Wu, Dr Heidi Wong, the 2022-23 Award Recipients Dr Fanny Chan, Dr Victor Chan, Dr Daniel Mo, Dr Cathy Fung, Professor Jeanne Fu, and Dr Ben Cheng.

Professor Alex Cheung (8th from left), Head of Department of Chinese joined his colleagues in celebrating Dr Cathy Fung’s achievement and participating in her sharing seminar.


Professor Yer Van Hui expressed his sincere gratitude for the awarded teachers’ dedication and passion for teaching.

Professor Jeanne Fu delivered her welcoming remarks.


Dr Cathy Fung shared her views how the rapid emerging technology advancements in the digital era impacted on Chinese teaching.

Dr Lam Wing Kin shared the challenges of teaching Chinese.  


(From left) Dr Ben Cheng, Professor Jeanne Fu, Dr Daniel Mo, Dr Victor Chan, Dr Cathy Fung, Dr Fanny Chan, Professor Yer Van Hui and Professor Alex Leung  

Launched by CTL, the sixth issue of “My Teaching Story” has gathered the inspiring stories shared by the five recipients of the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards.