HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (2021/22) Sharing Seminar II – “Transformative Teaching and Learning: From Virtual Reality to Metaverse”

To recognise the winning teachers of the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards (2021-22), the Centre for Teaching and Learning hosted the second sharing seminar “Transformative Teaching and Learning: from Virtual Reality to Metaverse” on 9 March 2023, co-facilitated by Dr Eugene Wong, Director of Virtual Reality Centre cum Associate Professor from the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management, and Dr Clio Wu, Assistant Professor from the School of Communication.

Dr Wong delivered his talk titled “Metaverse in Education: from Immersive Experience to Holistic Learning”, sharing with the audience on how the latest VR technologies can benefit academics and students. He also cited different daily life examples in  teaching and learning to showcase the power of VR technology.

The discussion was followed by Dr Clio Wu’s sharing, who talked about “Using VR Technology in News Reporting Training”. She shared that through the immersive technology, the learning and practicing processes for students became more interesting and exciting as they felt like they were on the news scene.

The seminar was well attended by nearly 30 academic members, who are all amused by the changes brought about by VR technologies and the immersive virtual learning experience.

Topics and Speakers of the First Sharing Seminar

Dr Eugene Wong (Director of Virtual Reality Centre and Associate Professor, Department of Supply Chain and Information Management)
Topic: Metaverse in Education: from Immersive Experience to Holistic Learning

Dr Clio Wu (Assistant Professor, School of Communication)
Topic: Using VR Technology in News Reporting Training

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The video is available for viewing at HERE

Dr Ben Cheng, Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning and two award-winning teachers Dr Eugene Wong and Dr Clio Wu posed for a group photo.

Dr Clio Wu demonstrated how to implement the VR technology in new reporting training and classes.


Sharing Seminar II_11

Dr Eugene Wong shared the examples and his views on the latest development of VR technologies.

Sharing Seminar II_14

Nealy 30 academic colleagues attended the seminar.

Two speakers posed for group photos with their colleagues.