HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024: InnoXplore Saturday (13 January 2024)

Under the overarching theme “FinTech x ChatGPT”, InnoXplore Saturday kickstarted the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 with a burst of innovation and an upgrade in the Competition participants’ skill sets! Organised by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), this half-day workshop series was attended by 44 HSUHK students, fueled with the dedication to explore the cutting-edge interaction between finance and artificial intelligence.

A briefing on the HSUHK Innovation Project Competition 2024 set the stage, inviting our students to dream big when collaborating with their teammates coming from different disciplines and fostering an environment of knowledge sharing.

The heart of the morning was dedicated to the art and science of proposal writing. Led by Mr Aaron Au Yeung, Assistant Project Manager of Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES), participants delved into the  “Write your Way to Success: Unlocking the Secrets of Winning Proposals” consisting of five key stages: pre-writing, research, drafting, revising and editing. Mr Au Yeung stressed the importance of a compelling argument in a proposal with the intended audience being the priority. This workshop was more than an instructional guide; it was a much-needed lesson in persuasion, strategy, and the subtle nuances that transform good proposals into great ones that truly make an impact.

InnoXplore Saturday then proceeded with the much-anticipated talk by Ms Rebecca Lim, CEO of AutoML Capital. As a leading figure in WealthTech, Ms Lim’s insights bridged the theoretical with the practical, shedding light on the immense potential of FinTech and ChatGPT in transforming the financial landscape.

In addition to the workshop and the talk, participants enjoyed a mingling session, which provided a platform for networking and fostering connections among pioneers of tomorrow. It was a fitting end to a morning dedicated to the spirit of collective advancement and the shared pursuit of knowledge.



Mr Aaron Au Yeung shared his insights on how to craft a successful proposal.

Ms Rebecca Lim shared her insights on the potential of FinTech and ChatGPT in the ever-evolving financial world.


Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning (Teaching and Learning Enhancement) presented Mr Aaron Au Yeung, with a token of appreciation.

Dr Holly Chung presented Ms Rebecca Lim, with a token of appreciation. 


The event was a great success with more than 40 students joining “InnoXplore Saturday”.