Sharing Talk — Creating Shared Value through Service-Learning

Organized by Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and supported by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme from the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No.:04/QESS/2018)

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Friday, 17 May 2019
15:00 – 16:30
Professor Robin Stanley Snell,
Professor of the Department of Management, Lingnan University
A315, 3/F, S. H. Ho Academic Building
The Service-Learning Pedagogy 
Service-Learning (S-L) is a teaching method which merges three major elements– academic learning, meaningful community service, and reflection. Students will participate in creating the S-L projects as an assignment of the module—applying academic knowledge of the module to create projects that addresses a social issue. Very often the projects will be a collaboration with NGOs.

About the Talk
The talk will address the following questions and issues:
  • What is the ‘fingerprint’ of service-learning? What is its set of essential characteristics?
  • How do we distinguish service-learning from social work, service leadership, social entrepreneurship and volunteering?
  • How to combine high academic standards with service-learning, through outcomes-based education
  • Transformational impacts for students: What graduate attributes are likely to arise?
  • Why should a University get involved? CSR or CSV?
  • How can we encourage, support and reward academics for embracing service-learning?
  • How does faculty involvement in service-learning relate to academic careers?
  • How can we build and maintain a network of community partner organizations?
  • Building service-learning into the University’s vision and mission
  • Institutionalizing and sustaining service-learning: ‘making do’ while bidding for resources
  • Typical varieties of service-learning practicum
  • How can the University prepare students to engage in service-learning?
  • Should we make service-learning a graduation requirement?
  • What roles can students play in supporting and promoting
  • Drawing lessons from what goes wrong
About the Speaker
Professor Snell works in the Department of Management at Lingnan University. Throughout his academic career, which began in 1975, he has been active in both discipline-based research and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Prof. Snell has published the outputs of research projects on organizational learning and business ethics in various journals, including the British Journal of Management, Business Ethics Quarterly, Human Relations, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of World Business, and Organization Studies. He has also published in Academy of Management Learning and Education, Journal of Management Development, Journal of Management Education, Leadership and Organization Development, and Management Learning on topics concerning service-learning, service leadership education, and managerial self-development. During the last ten years at Lingnan, he has incorporated service-learning into four different academic courses and served for a time as Director of Service-Learning.

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