Shine a Spotlight on Students (…Subtly): Practices to Keep your Students ON-line

Organised by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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9 September 2020 (Wednesday)
11:00 – 11:45
Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Dr. Holly Chung, Associate Director (Teaching and Learning Enhancement), CTL
To be conducted online via MS Teams
Video (Link)


Keeping students online is easy. Keeping them, and their brain (turned) on, for the whole online class, is the challenge.

Some students just like to quietly learn. But you want them to actively engage. There should be a middle ground. The online platform could turn out to be an elixir.

Now you are having all the cool gadgets and know-hows to conduct online teaching. Capitalising on such resources, Holly will walk you through her online-teaching experience in engaging students and acknowledging their contribution so that your students could stay ON-line, literally and intellectually, with you and each other.

With, or without their cameras on, students are just more than a name on your screen. Involving them, respectfully, as contributors and collaborators in online lessons could make you, the teacher, feel you are not alone too.

All academic staff are welcome to join.

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