The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Section, established in 2015 under the Centre for Teaching and Learning, is dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning community at the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK). We partner with faculty, students and administrators to foster student learning and inspire effective and innovative teaching throughout the University.


As the teaching hub of the University, we support the University’s teaching and learning mission by nurturing excellence in teachers so that they in turn can create high quality learning experiences for students. We advance innovative and effective approaches to teaching, learning, curriculum and educational technology practices within and across the University’s diverse disciplines.


  • We foster and enhance pedagogy that is inclusive, student-centred, and effective.
  • We embrace and explore the purposeful use of emerging technologies and digital innovations in the classroom and beyond.
  • We share evidence-based and effective teaching and learning practices.
  • We provide orientation, professional training and innovation opportunities for teachers.

Our Core Activities and Services:

  • Organise sharing sessions by the awardees of HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards,
  • Organise and conduct various seminars/workshops for teachers and students in alignment with their needs of professional and academic development;
  • Organise the Induction Programme for new academic staff to facilitate their preparation for teaching at HSUHK;
  • Collaborate with our e-Learning Section to promote the latest e-learning tools for teaching, learning and assessment;
  • Coordinate the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme; and