The Virtual Reality Centre aims to enhance the development in teaching and research with the support of a fully immersive and interactive visualization system.  A Virtual Reality and Big Data Analytics Laboratory, supported by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme, is housed in the VRC.  A Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) system has been developed to provide vivid stereoscopic views of sceneries in 3D design to facilitate visualization on 3D illustration of industrial supply chain operations, geometrical theories, financial modelling, and healthcare logistics operations. The system provides a versatile and powerful interactive virtual reality platform for operators to train and practice in complex and critical operations before assigned to work in real life operations. With the support of CAVE system and simulation software in the centre, sophisticated big data in multi-dimension analysis will be carried out. The centre aims to focus on the interactive visualization and big data analytics research and development in the areas of supply chain and logistics, banking and finance, business analytics, healthcare logistics, and heritage as well as provide an excellent interactive 3D learning platform to the students, academic researchers, and industrial practitioners.