Forum on Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment

Organised by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

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Friday, 20 August 2021
09:30 – 10:30
Teaching and Learning Enhancement
Dr Daniel Mo (School of Decision Sciences);
Dr Amy Kong (Department of English); and
Dr Eko Liao (Department of Management)
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Learning emerges as a result of the learner interacting with the environment (Durning, 2011), and years of research have demonstrated the interrelationship between learning environment and students’ academic performance. However, how to create a rewarding environment to motivate students to learn and excel scholastically has always been challenging to teachers. This is especially true during the pandemic, when face-to-face contact is almost impossible. In this forum, three teaching staff from different disciplines will share their views on how to set clear goals for the students at the beginning of the semester, how to maintain positive rapport with students, and what strategies they have devised for effective teaching of problem-solving skills, soft skills, and language skills.

We look forward to your contribution to the creation of a welcoming, positive, and productive learning environment. Please come and join us.

The forum is one of the sessions of the “Induction Programme for New Academic Staff 2021”.

All academic staff are welcome to join.

For enquiries, please contact Centre for Teaching and Learning by phone at 3963 5011 or by email at

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