The Fourth Talk of My Learning Story-Dr Fong’s Lifelong Learning Formula 恒學集第四講:學習有「方」

On 11 April 2024 (Thursday), the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was honoured to have Dr Tom Fong, Vice President (Organisational Development) as the guest speaker for the fourth talk of “My Learning Story” (恒學集).  Dr Fong shared his learning journeys and insights on the theme of “Dr Fong’s Lifelong Learning Formula” (學習有方).  

Dr Ben Cheng, Director of CTL, conducted an interview with Dr Fong and invited him to share his personal and learning experiences and development at different stages of his life, including his childhood, school years, and career development. Dr Fong encountered influential moments, learned valuable lessons, and underwent significant events that shaped his growth and success.

During the sharing talk, Dr Fong presented four essential formulas for lifelong learning: treating people with sincerity, convincing others with trust, being true to one’s words, and striking a balance between confidence and humility. He also emphasised the significance of the learning process and encouraged everyone to explore his recommended learning framework, known as “CLS”, which stands for Comment, Like and Share.

The sharing talk was well attended by nearly 120 students and staff members. They were impressed by Dr Fong’s inspiring stories and remarkable journey of learning from difficulties and overcoming challenges in his personal growth and career development.

To learn more about the fourth talk of My Learning Story, please click HERE to view our photo album.

The video of the fourth talk is also available for viewing. 

The host of the sharing talk, Dr Ben Cheng (right), Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning and the guest speaker, Dr Tom Fong, Vice President (Organisational Development)

Dr Tom Fong shares his inspiring learning journey.

Dr Tom Fong poses for a group photo with HSUHK staff members and students.

The sharing talk receives enthusiastic and active engagement from participants.

Dr Ben Cheng presents a souvenir to Dr Tom Fong as a token of appreciation.