Induction Programme for New Academic Staff 2019

The Staff Development Committee (SDC), Human Resources Office (HRO) and Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) jointly organised a two-day Induction Programme for new academic staff on 19 and 26 August 2019.


In the morning session of the first day of Induction Programme, we were pleased to have President Simon Ho to give us a speech on the positioning and role of HSUHK in higher education in Hong Kong.  And then, Professor Y V Hui, Acting Provost and Vice-President (Academic and Research) and Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development) gave us a sharing on Teaching, Research and Student Learning at HSUHK.


In addition, a series of forum and workshops, entitled “Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies”, “Forum on Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment”, “Outcome-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) and Criterion-Referenced Assessment” and “Learning Programme Accreditation and Quality Assurance” were held in the two-day induction programme.


Positive feedback was received from the participants who found the Induction Programme informative, enabling them a better understanding of HSUHK’s teaching and learning.

Presentation Materials
Topic Speaker
Day 1 The Positioning and Role of HSUHK in HIgher Education in HK Professor Simon Ho
(Presentation PowerPoint)
Forum on Teaching, Research and Student Learning at HSUHK Professor Y.V. HUI
(Presentation Powerpoint)

Dr Tom Fong
(Presentation PowerPoint)
Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies Dr Daniel Mo
Ms Susanna Tsang
(Presentation PowerPoint)
(Presentation video)
(Library Brochure)
Day 2 Forum on Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment Dr Chan Chi Kit
Dr Michael Chan
Ms Joey Lee
(Presentation Video)
Outcome-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) and Criterion-Reference Assessment Dr Holly Chung
(Presentation PowerPoint)
(Presentation Video)
Learning Programme Accreditation and Quality Assurance Mr Ted Chuck
(Presentation PowerPoin)
(Presentation Video)
President Simon Ho talked about the positioning and role of HSUHK in the higher education in HK.
Professor YV Hui introduced teaching and learning at HSUHK, funding and support for teaching and research, contribution to the University in the “Sharing on Teaching, Research and Student Learning at HSUHK”.
Dr Tom Fong introduced student services in the “Sharing on Teaching, Research and Student Learning at HSUHK”.
Dr Daniel Mo, Associate Director (E-Learning Section) of CTL hosted the workshop on “Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies”.
A visit to the Virtual Reality Centre was arranged for the participants.
Forum on Creating a Welcoming, Positive and Productive Learning Environment was conducted by Ms Joey Lee, Senior Lecturer of Department of Accountancy (left), Dr Chan Chi Kit, Associate Professor of School of Communication (middle) and Dr Michael Chan, Senior Lecturer of Department of Social Science.
“Outcome-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) and Criterion-Referenced Assessment” workshop was delivered by Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director (Teaching and Learning Enhancement) of CTL.
The “Learning Programme Accreditation and Quality Assurance” workshop was delivered by Mr Ted Chuck, Senior Programme Manager of Registry, HSUHK.