Sharing Talk on Service-Learning – “Creating Shared Value through Service-Learning”

The first sharing talk on Service-Learning (S-L) organized by the Service-Learning Section of the Centre for Teaching and Learning was held on 17 May 2019. The talk was delivered by Prof. Robin Stanley Snell, Professor of Management from Lingnan University. He shared on the topic “Creating Shared Value through Service-Learning”, where he introduced the value, insights and strategies of service-learning; taking reference from his extensive S-L experience in Lingnan. 


Over 30 participants attended the talk, including academics from various Schools and Departments, as well as senior management staff of supporting units such as the ITSC and the Library. A highlight of the talk is that Prof. Snell sparked the audience’s enthusiastic discussion by asking them to pick their own type of career anchors from eight different interesting types. We also had our Vice-President Prof. Tom Fong with us and he gave a very positive and encouraging conclusion remark for the talk. 


After the event, some academics showed interest to incorporate S-L projects into their modules and stayed behind to discuss with us; and the Service-Learning Section is in great pleasure to provide the best support to teachers. We hope that through this talk, and many more S-L events upcoming, that the culture of passionate service and the shared value of Service-Learning can be wide spread around campus, and that we can maximize benefit to students and teachers, in turn making real social impact in the community.

Prof. Snell sharing on “Creating Shared Value through Service-Learning”
Participants asking questions at the talk
Participants having enthusiastic discussions at the talk
Group photo of participants of the talk, showing their gesture to represent “heart of service”
Dr Tom Fong giving a concluding remark to the sharing talk
Dr. Ben Cheng presented a souvenir to Prof. Snell