Shine a Spotlight on Students (…Subtly): Practices to Keep your Students ON-line

Engaging students might be a challenge in online lessons. Before the new semester officially started, Dr Holly Chung, Associate Director (Teaching and Learning Enhancement) of Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), was honoured to  conduct the webinar, entitled “Shine a Spotlight on Students (…Subtly): Practices to Keep Your Students ON-line” on 9 September 2020, to share her practical experience and to provide a platform for colleagues to exchange their point of views.

In the webinar, Dr Chung shared her experience of preparing her online lessons in the past few months. She showed some recordings of her lectures to demonstrate how to use some functions of the online platforms to facilitate the class activities, and how to assign students different roles to keep them engaged in online lessons.

The webinar was well attended by about 60 participants from different Departments/Schools.  Participants were keen to raise questions and exchange their experience and views with speaker. They found the sharing seminar useful and inspiring.

Dr Chung shared some of her teaching techniques with participants.
Dr Chung showed the recordings of her lectures to illustrate how to engage students ON-line.