HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar 2018/19

To recognize the teaching excellence and innovative pedagogy of academic staff at HSUHK, the university first launched the Teaching Excellence Awards in 2014/15 academic year.

In 2017/18, 3 distinguished academic staff were selected to receive the awards.  The official presentation of awards had been held in the Graduation Ceremony on 5 December 2018 to acknowledge the achievement of distinguished teachers.

Name of Award Recipients


Dr Holly Chung

Department of English

Mr Brian So

School of Communication

Dr Felix Tang

Department of Marketing

Group photo of HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards recipients (2017/18) with Vice-President Y.V. Hui (Academic & Research) (2th from left), Dr Ben Cheng (1st from left) and Dr Michael Chan (1st from right)

In academic year 2018/19, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) initiates a series of new teaching and learning activities to promote teaching excellence and practices in vivid ways.  Not only about teaching skills and techniques, but also the passion, devotion and aspiration for being a good teacher.

The kick-off seminar “HSUHK Teaching Excellence Awards Sharing Seminar 2018/19”, co-organized by CTL and Staff Development Committee (SDC), was held on 21 February 2019.  The seminar was delivered by the three Teaching Excellence Awards Recipients (2017/18), Dr Holly Chung, Mr Brian So, Dr Felix Tang and their invited students on the topic “Shall We Talk? – A Heart-to-Heart Dialogue between Teachers and Students”.

Speakers and their invited students

Dr Holly Chung

Senior Lecturer, Department of English

Mr Calvin Chan

Year 3 Student of BTB

Mr Brian So

Senior Lecturer, School of Communication

Mr Joshua Chiu

Graduate of BJC (2012-2016)

Dr Felix Tang

Associate Professor, Department of Marketing

Ms Ana Cheng and Ms Zita Mok

Year 4 Students of BBA-MKT


In the sharing seminar, Vice-President, Professor Y.V. Hui was invited to give an Opening Remark to congratulate the award recipients on their dedication and outstanding achievements in teaching.

Vice-President, Professor Y.V. Hui, gave the Opening Remark to the HSUHK Teaching Excellence Award recipients and participants before the start of sharing.


After the remark, Dr Chung, Mr So and Dr Tang had a deep and sincere conversation with their students about what is the criteria and how to be a good teacher in their eyes, as well as their desired and preferable teacher-student relationship.  The seminar not just provided the precious experience and perspective of teachers on teaching excellence, but more importantly, on a mutual basis from the perspective of students.

The heart-to-heart dialogue between Dr Holly Chung, Mr Brian So, Dr Felix Tang and their invited Students.


The seminar was well attended with over 30 HSUHK staff members from different Schools.  Participants found the sharing session inspiring and provided different angle of views to teaching and learning.

Participants were keen to engage in discussion with the speakers.