“Safeguarding Academic Integrity in Online Assessments and Examinations” Webinar

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was honoured to co-organise the webinar on “Safeguarding Academic Integrity in Online Assessments and Examinations” initiated by the School of Business (SBUS) on 22 April 2022, Friday.

Professor Bradley Barnes, Dean of the School of Business, was our facilitator. He began the webinar by sketching the current condition of the University’s online teaching and the origin of the event, and then by sharing with the audience the results of the mini-survey held in early April on the challenges that HSUHK teachers have met in online assessments and examinations.  

Dr Lawrence Lei, Assistant Professor of the Department of Accountancy, talked about the mindset and the means for ghost-writer busting. He also raised the legal issues of ghost-writing that many teachers and students might have not thought of.

Dr Crusher Wong, Senior Manager (e-Learning), Office of the Chief Information Officer, City University of Hong Kong, brought his experience in remote exam arrangements at CityU to the webinar for sharing.  While new development in technologies can help with online assessment, classical methods like continuous assessment and authentic assessment to supplement and de-emphasise final exams will also help.

Mr Darren Harbutt, Senior Educational Development Officer, Educational Development Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, shared with the audience his project and the model for classifying eAssessment solutions such as continuous assessment, project work, live presentations, etc., and the model’s application.

35 online audience members had an enjoyable time exchanging views and experience with the facilitator and the 3 speakers. We were most pleased to learn from the audience feedback that they took home new ideas and lots of tips for conducting their online assessments and examinations.

Professor Bradley Barnes, Dr Lawrence Lei, and Dr Ben Cheng
Dr Ben Cheng (left), Director of CTL, welcomed the speakers and the participants. Professor Bradley Barnes (middle) hosted the webinar. Dr Lawrence Lei (right) presented on "Escape from the Ghost-Writer-Haunted House".
Dr Crusher Wong from City University of Hong Kong
Dr Crusher Wong presented on "From Online Exams to Alternative Assessments - How can Technologies Help?".
Mr Darren Harbutt from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Mr Darren Harbutt presented on "Assessment Alternatives: The Fight for Academic Integrity".